The Search for the Best Boxed Wine

Judging from the traffic that’s been coming to my blog lately, there is a growing segment of the population that is interested in finding drinkable boxed wine. Now, I’ve already reviewed a wine that I’ve called “The Best Boxed Wine You’ll Ever Buy,” but I cheated in the definition: Yellow + Blue Torrontes is a carton, not a bag-in-a-box. I’ve decided, then, to pursue an on-going search for the best boxed wine that money can buy.

Some of you more hardcore winos out there might be laughing at this search, that it’s most likely frivolous, a waste of my time. We shall see, but I’m willing to bet there are a few respectable wine makers out there that were willing to eschew the traditions of old-world wine for a more environmentally-friendly and economical packaging. In fact, my company is currently looking into boxed wine accessories to add to our product collection soon after our launch. We want to cater to consumers of all wines, not just those dedicated to the bottle.

A benefit of boxed wine, aside from the environmental considerations and cost,  is the fact that it just lasts longer in the bag… weeks longer. The nature of the bag keeps the wine from being exposed to air until it’s poured. The oxidation process is drastically slowed, and you don’t run the risk of the wine being corked or tainted; the only issues affecting the wine would be introduced during the wine making process itself.

There are two specific benefits to the search that make it worth my while: boxed wine usually runs much cheaper than bottled wine, meaning I’ll actually be saving money compared to my usual reviews, and I have plenty of family and friends nearby who have absolutely no qualms about quaffing wine that has never touched a glass bottle before, in the offhand chance that I’m just not up to finishing off multiple liters of the stuff.

This search will be interspersed with my normal wine-drinking. I’ve got a long queue of wines to open, and I don’t want this blog to become too monotone. Check back periodically to see how the search is going. I’m creating a category link on the sidebar to make my experiences easier to reach.

Until then, stalwart drinkers.

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4 Responses to “The Search for the Best Boxed Wine”

  1. Ben Simons Says:

    Interested in seeing the results of this experiment. I’m sure that there are a handful of good boxed wines out there, but definitely a market that could lead to some painful tastings. :)

    • wineaccguy Says:

      Yeah, I’m going to be avoiding the grocery store brands, which hopefully will tip the scales a bit more in my favor. I should probably sample one or two as a baseline, but I’m not looking forward to that aspect of it.

  2. drinknectar Says:

    Oh, why must you torture yourself so? We have a winery in Washington “Teft Cellars” that produces a pretty nice box blend that is usually available at the local Coscto here. I doubt you’ll find it in your neck of the woods, but it’s been my best experience with wine in box.


    • wineaccguy Says:

      I actually hadn’t thought to check Costco. If there were any decent national brands, they’d be more likely to carry it than most. If I do find Teft Cellars there, I’ll definitely add them to the experiment.

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