Official Rules for the Search for the Best Boxed Wine

After much deliberation, I’ve settled on the format for my boxed wine experiment. In my search for the best boxed wine, I need to be as empirical and objective as possible, as there are several variables at play that I am trying to record.

I want to have an organized method for tasting the wines in a timely manner while figuring out the shelf life of each one. Therefore, I’ve devised this testing method:

1) I will open a new boxed wine each Saturday, giving it an official tasting as I would any other wine (appearance, nose, texture, flavor, the whole range).

2) I will taste every other boxed wine from youngest to oldest, testing for any declines due to oxidation or age. Once a wine is declared undrinkable, it will be removed from consideration.  I figure by going from younger to older, I’ll be more likely to detect the subtle changes in wine due to aging if the fresher wines are tasted first.

3) After 5 weeks, the wine will be removed from consideration. If it makes it more than a month and is still drinkable, I will consider it to be a successful boxed wine.

4) Wines removed from consideration will receive an adjusted score based on their initial rating, longevity, and sustained quality.

5) A write-up detailing all current and former wines will reach the light of day each Monday, after a Saturday of testing and a Sunday of scribbling.

The excitement begins this weekend! Who’s stoked? I know you are… If you have any tips for boxed wines to try, by all means, leave me a comment. I’ve gotten some good feedback about artisanal wines that are going the bag-in-box route, so I know there’s got to be more out there.

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4 Responses to “Official Rules for the Search for the Best Boxed Wine”

  1. Tammy Colson Says:

    Target has a line of box wines.
    I’ve also had Pinot Evil in the box.

    Won’t tell you which ones I liked or didn’t, don’t want to muddy the waters.

    • wineaccguy Says:

      I’ve seen the Target wines but never tried them. They’re nice and cheap, so what the hell, I’ll give one a shot. Pinot Evil? What a fantastic name.

  2. swirlsipsnark Says:

    I don’t have recommendations, but I’d love to find a decent, readily available red and white that we can take with us camping – we’ve been experimenting with each camping trip and have had limited success so far.

    • wineaccguy Says:

      Hopefully I’ll be able to find a couple of boxed wines available to you that’ll get the job done. This experiment should be into full swing by the start of camping season, so I might have a gem ready by then.

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