And Now For Something Slightly Different… St. Supery Sauvignon Blanc

The Back Story:

A while back, when I was just beginning to get into blogging and social media, I had the good fortune to have an afternoon off when Rick Bakas was hosting a Tweetup and wine tasting in Raleigh. For those of you who don’t know Rick, he’s a heavy hitter in the social media front, one who demonstrates his abilities through his actions rather than styling himself as a “guru” or “ninja” or “expert.” Most recently, he’s been directing social media for St. Supery, a winery located in Napa. You can follow his efforts on their Twitter account, Facebook, and blog.

Along with tasting several of St. Supery’s wines, including the incredible high-end Elu blend, I got to chat with the man himself for a good portion of the event. I and a few other Raleigh social media / wine tweeps (@lisasullivan from Media Two Interactive and @jeffreylcohen of NC Wine TV also joined me later at a 5:00 Fridays cocktail tweetup hosted by Dirt & Noise‘s @ilinaP) got to pick his brain on the industry, on marketing in social media, and a wealth of other topics. We also did a fair share of shooting the breeze, chatting about sports, food, and travel. Rick even offered his camera to Jeff for an impromptu NC Wine TV interview!

Basically, if St. Supery makes their way out to your city, I highly suggest you make the effort to get out and participate. Good wine and good people always makes for a successful tweetup.

As for the wine, though I dearly loved the Elu, I couldn’t afford to take it home with me that day. Because of my love for Sauvignon Blanc, however, that wasn’t much of an issue. St. Supery was tasting one that day as well, their 2008 vintage, and it was good.

The Results:

The appearance of the wine is a very pale yellow with a green tint. It appears to be fairly viscous.

The nose of the wine is very crisp and tropical, with notes of bright peach, grapefruit, and limes. The nose is slightly subdued for a Sauvignon Blanc but extremely appealing. At 13.3%, the alcohol makes only a slight, cool appearance.

The mouth feel of the wine is delightfully representative of the varietal. While the pH is slightly high for a Sauvignon Blanc (and for St Supery’s fare… their 2007 and 2009 are both at 3.28 pH compared to 3.39 for this one, the 2008), the dry, crisp texture is still present. The dryness is jaw-clenching, with a very active, tangy acidity and a slightly creamy texture.

The flavor of the wine is a bit more nuanced than the typical Sauvignon Blanc. The attack features peach and grapefruit, two congruous flavors that duel for supremacy on the palate. There’s a bit of grass and herbs, a nod to the classic style, but a delightfully long lemon-lime finish is accompanied by a soft perceived sweetness to shake up the palate a bit. I mentioned to someone that the Sauvignon Blanc had an unexpectedly fresh and nuanced flavor, and they remarked rather dismissively that they probably blended it to achieve this. Nope. This one is 100% Sauvignon Blanc.

For the Casual Drinker:

If you’ve had a Sauvignon Blanc, you basically know what to expect from this. It’s aggressive, like Sauvignon Blancs are wont to be, though this one adds some depth to the typical grassygrapefruitherb cluster of flavors this grape is known for. Sip it and enjoy, as the finish is where the wine really demonstrates its unique profile. Bone dry, by the way, at practically no residual sugar. Trust me, it doesn’t need it.

The Conclusion:

It’s certainly going to be a higher-end Sauvignon Blanc at $23.00, meaning you’ll be paying more for this bottle than two of most others, so this isn’t going to be an everyday sipper. If you really want a treat in this varietal, though, I highly recommend it. 8/10.

In Case You Missed It:

Wine: Estate Grown Sauvignon Blanc

Producer: St. Supery

Region: Napa Valley, California, United States

Varietal(s): 100% Sauvignon Blanc

Vintage: 2008

Residual Sugar: <.02%

Alcohol: 13.3%

pH: 3.39

Price: $23

Purchased at: Harris Teeter in Raleigh, available online direct from the winery here

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4 Responses to “And Now For Something Slightly Different… St. Supery Sauvignon Blanc”

  1. Ben Simons Says:

    I’ve never had the pleasure of trying this Sauv Blanc, but I would certainly be interested in tasting it. I have not typically loved the California Sauv Blanc that I’ve had, so it would be interesting to see what I think of this one. Sounds great from your review.

    • wineaccguy Says:

      I was certainly a fan of it. I’ve actually been missing out on Cali Sauvignon Blancs recently (a reaction to California’s tendency to oak wines more than my palate would prefer), so I’d be interested to see what else is going on out there.

  2. Brian Says:

    Hey Ben & Joshua,
    If you want to try a good Cali Sauv Blanc, try the Honig, not to detract from St. Supery…

    • wineaccguy Says:

      I’ll definitely look into getting it. I’m guessing at least one of my local wine shops would have it.

      Weren’t a fan of the St. Supery, good sir?

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