When Environmentally Friendly Goes Wrong

Very rare is the work tasting where wine goes unfinished, let alone actively dumped out. Last week was, unfortunately, one of those times. We decided to give Think Red and Think White a try, as the recycled/recyclable aluminum bottles appealed to our more eco-friendly sensibilities. Both wines are non-vintage, making this an iffy proposition to begin with, but, hey, we’ll accept sacrifices in the name of Mother Earth, aye? The added benefits of using aluminum, namely the lighter weight and UV protection, make it a vessel worth testing.

Think Red and Think White

Non-Vintage Think White

The wine, much to our dismay, did not appeal to our oenophiliac sensibilities. The white wine was more palatable than the red, but that’s not saying much. A light greenish-gold color, rather dull, but at least clear, it looked like just about any other indiscernible white blend. The aroma was a dull, rotten combination of citrus and floral scents, frankly unpleasant. As far as the flavor was concerned, a generic mix of citrus, tropical, and floral with a way-too-high acidity, contributing wincingly bitter overtones. At 12.5% alcohol, at least there wasn’t a lot of heat.

Think White Wine PourIt was overall a lifeless, bland, and disappointing effort. 3/10

Wine: NV Think White

Producer: Adega Coop de Borba

Region: Alentejo, Portugal

Varietals: 40% Antão Vaz, 40% Roupeiro, and 20% Rabo de Ovelha

Residual Sugar: 1.50 g / l

pH: 3.2

Alcohol: 12.5%

Non-Vintage Think Red

My coworkers had rather unkind words for this wine: “pointless,” “just like water,” “it just disappears.” That’s about how I felt as well. It had an unhealthy orange-ish red color and was slightly cloudy. It was both smelly and weak, with almost no flavor except for a bitter, light red fruit characteristic that disappears as soon as it hits your tongue. No real structure to it, a weak body, no spine, and the shortest finish I think I’ve ever experienced.

It was a barely drinkable wine that might as well have been water. 1/10

Wine: NV Think Red

Producer: Adega Coop de Borba

Region: Alentejo, Portugal

Varietals: 40% Tempranillo, 30% Catelão, 30% Trincadeira

Residual Sugar: 2.0 g / l

pH: 3.5

Alcohol: 12.5%

So much for that. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

For your belated Music Monday viewing pleasure, Thursday’s “Running From The Rain.” As the threat of high winds and tornadoes bears down upon the good city of Raleigh, I feel it strangely appropriate.

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2 Responses to “When Environmentally Friendly Goes Wrong”

  1. Joe Says:

    I’m usually very pleased with wines from Portugal, even the cheap stuff. Shame to see these fall flat.

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