Continuing the Conservancy Tour: Concannon Petite Sirah

It’s been awhile since we’ve shared some music here, hasn’t it? I shared this band recently on Twitter on my personal account, but I didn’t link to a full song by them. They’re called Glacier Hiking, a straight-up mellow rock side project by adult pop artist Tommy Walters, frontman for the band Abandoned Pools. They’ve only released a 5-song EP in their history, but if you want more in this style, definitely check out Abandoned Pools as well.

Concannon 2008 Conservancy Petite Sirah

2008 Concannon Conservancy Petite SirahThe wine’s color is the most striking aspect, a deep, inky reddish purple, not quite as much purple as you’d typically expect from a Petite Sirah.

The nose hits you first with its alcohol heat, a bit strong but not noxious. The more subtler notes on the nose are very juicy, dark fruits, blueberry and blackberry, and there’s even a hint of coffee there.

The mouth feel of the wine doesn’t really impress, more watery than round. The flavors are a bit woody and green as well, with blackberry and milk chocolate as the prominent notes. The chocolate smacks of a certain oakiness as well, but it doesn’t feel saturated with the oak flavor overall. I might not have minded a little more oak in this wine just to round it out a bit… The finish is short, chocolately, with a touch of graphite.

This wine is emblematic of what might not go right for a Petite Sirah. The tannins are lacking, both in strength and fullness, the acidity a bit too high even for a Petitie Sirah, and the flavors very subdued. It’s far from the juicy fruit-bomb you’d expect from this grape in California, with more delicate flavors and an astringency delivered from the imbalance in acidity and tannins.

It’s difficult to get Petite Sirah just right at this price point, but there are still a few better options out there at this price point for this style of grape. 4/10

This wine was provided as an industry sample with the intent to review.

On Second Thought

The wine’s still got a good base structure from the alcohol and acidity, it just needs some extra flavor. After I finished my tasting, I used half of the bottle to create a mulled wine. I set up my crock pot and poured the wine in, then cut it with about 5 more ounces of water. I tossed in a pack of mulling spices and about a half of a third of a cup of brown sugar, let it heat on medium heat for about 1 hour, and had an absolutely delicious experience for the evening. I imagine you could also do a good sangria with this one.

The Wine: Conservancy Petite Sirah

Producer: Concannon Vineyards

Vintage: 2008

Region: Livermore Valley, California, US

Varieties: 100% Petite Sirah

Alcohol: 13.5%

Price: $12


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